Film: Ant Man


Title: Ant Man
Cast: Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Michael Pena, Anthony Mackie
Seen on: 17 July, 2015

When you cast Paul Rudd as the main character in your superhero film, you know people will expect charm and humour and laughs. And those were already standard ingredients for any Marvel film, but Ant Man takes the top spot for funniest Marvel outing – yes, even over Guardians of the Galaxy. Any time Michael Pena opens his mouth, nothing but hilarity falls out, and the Powers That Be at Marvel cash in on that big time, but never too much. Ant Man is the perfect balance of seriously kick-ass action film and we-know-this-is-ridiculous-just-roll-with-it. Tongue in cheek, extremely self aware (“is it too late to change the name?”), and just plain funny.


Oh and that opening scene (Peggy!!) and post-credits sting (Bucky!!).


There isn’t enough Evangeline Lilly in Ant Man, but with her character development near the end I have high hopes for her showing up as the Wasp at some point in the near-ish MCU future. Anthony Mackie’s Falcon inclusion nicely sets up the Avengers inclusion for Scott (who is one of the original founders of the Avengers in the comics but Marvel Studios couldn’t touch him due to rights when they developed The Avengers), he should bring some additional levity to that bunch.


Not a big fan of Corey Stoll’s baddie, but I will forgive Marvel that since he’s a one-time outing. I wasn’t too impressed with the Iron Man 2 and 3 baddies either, though Ultron and Loki were fantastic villains. Good thing they’re in the business of making super HERO films 😉


All things considered, Ant Man was supposed to be a gap-film for Marvel and turned out to be really surprisingly human and fun and touching. I can’t wait to see Scott Lange and Tony Stark snark it out in Captain America: Civil War!

Rating: 8/10


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