Film: Jurassic World


Title: Jurassic World
Cast: Chris Pratt, Bryca Dallas Howard, Vincent D’Onofrio, BD Wong
Seen on: 13 June 2015

Let me start by saying that if you were planning to (re-)watch the old films before going to see Jurassic World, then don’t. I promise, the (not so subtle) easter eggs and tributes to the originals are much more fun and warming when they come unexpectedly. Seriously, let yourself be surprised by how well the writers and director of Jurassic World have tied in the history of the franchise.


That being said, Jurassic World fits perfectly within the franchise that started in 1993. It is basically Chappie meets Alien vs. Predator; big giant unnatural monster battling each other while white people sit in their iron thrones of their companies and let everything go to hell in a hand-basket by one of their bastard employees. Which was really the premise of the original Jurassic Park, which creates the perfect circle. Jurassic World knows damn well what it isn’t-a serious film with an important message or moral-but it also knows very well what it is. Pure and simple entertainment.


Jurassic World requires a lot of suspense of disbelief (seriously, in those shoes?!) and a mind set to “entertain me” rather than “educate me”, but if you go in with an open mind and ready to just go with it, you will have a brilliant time. Chris Pratt is a wonderful lead character (and occasional raptor whisperer, apparently), Bryce Dallas Howard plays the quintessential damsel in distress who finds her balls (and seriously, in those shoes?!) without too many cringe-worthy moments, and the two boys (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson) bring the family element with a twist well enough to elicit a few honest laughs and smiles. But you don’t go to Jurassic World for the human actors, now do you?


The dinosaurs are EXCELLENT. With technology coming so far since the last Jurassic Park film it was a given it would look fantastic, but the production teams outdid themselves. All dinosaurs still have that old-school Jurassic Park feel, but with a modern twist; better textures, better lighting, better animation. After the first ten minutes you simply forget they aren’t real. Imagine never having seen the original films and now seeing this for the first time! I saw more than a few kids’ faces alight with new obsession!


The story is much of the same, but that’s alright. The park has finally opened on Isla Nublar after the failed attempt so many years ago. The original owner has passed away (many nods to sir Attenborough’s famous role) and Bryce Dallas Howard’s Claire is now in charge of running the park. Chris Pratt’s Owen is the animal trainer and researcher, Vincent D’Onofrio’s Hoskins is– I’m not sure who he is exactly, but he is a dick and his decisions ultimately lead to the final boss-fight, but more on that later. BD Wong is back as Doctor Henry Wu and it is he who came up with the park’s new “attraction”: the Indominus Rex; the biggest, baddest dinosaur ever created. Not bred, created. In a lab. Because what could go wrong?


Exactly. Everything. The new dino tricks everyone into thinking she escaped her already too small cage and then actually does. She goes on a rampage (obviously), the park owner refuses to evacuate the island (obviously), the good guy and bastard co-worker butt heads but end up working together anyway (obviously), the park manager finally finds her balls (obviously, but still in those heels!), and the unexpected saves the day. [spoiler alert!] THE ORIGINAL JURASSIC PARK T-REX!!

I will admit to having squealed out loud when she was released to come save the day. And that’s exactly what I meant when I said to not see the original films before seeing this one, the surprise is too good. Which I have now ruined. Sorry.


There is a lot of talk about human-animal bonds, caged animals and behaviour, and morals in Jurassic World but none of it is too heavy or obtrusive. In the end all Jurassic World wants to do is entertain you and it does on a massive scale. It is a ridiculous film (the final boss fight is MENTAL), it has its flaws (was the romance angle really necessary? and those heels!), but it is absolutely badass. A fantastic addition to the franchise. Go see.

Rating: 8/10


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