RIP Leonard Nimoy


The world has lost a legend. Leonard Nimoy was the embodiment of sci-fi as the great mister Spock on Star Trek. Trekkie or not, you know who mister Spock is, you know of Star Trek, and you will have been in contact with its impact. Star Trek paved the way for modern day sci-fi, with Leonard Nimoy as one of its front-runners. His mister Spock was strange, weird, logical, but above all recognizable; we all have a bit of mister Spock in us. But for the kids like me – the weird ones that never really fit in anywhere – he was an example. An example that showed us it was okay to be weird, you could still achieve so much, and you would find a place to fit in one day. He made me feel better about myself.

But we need to look beyond the Spock ears and eyebrows to find the man behind the actor. The photographer who fought for equal representation for all sizes of models; the man who recorded The Bilbo Baggins Song; the man who refused to come to work unless Nichelle Nicols would get equal pay to the men in the Star Trek cast.

Leonard Nimoy made history in many ways and I for one hope we will never forget what he gave us. He will be greatly missed.


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