Theater: City of Angels

Title: City of Angels
Cast: Hadley Fraser, Rosalie Craig, Tam Mutu, Samantha Barks
Seen on: 3 different dates in 2014 & 2015

Yes, you read that right. I saw the Donmar’s production of City of Angels three times. 3. I am insanely crazy about this show. Hadley Fraser, Tam Mutu, and their closing song before the interval (You’re Nothing Without Me) is one of the best musical songs I have heard in a long time. Their chemistry is amazing, even if one is the fictional imagination of the other. The story is intricate and intriguing, the acting camp and brilliant, the characters layered and well-rounded, the set and lighting very cleverly support the storytelling, and the live music and conducting is breathtaking. Honestly, 3 times was hardly enough. Here’s to hoping they’ll release a cast recording!

The only downside was the forward-facing set, which didn’t match up with the u-shaped seats at the Donmar. The people at the sides missed out on a lot of the clever lighting.

Rating: 9/10


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