Film: Lucy

lucy 1

Title: Lucy
By: EuropaCorp
Seen on: August 25

So, Lucy is basically just Matilda on steroids, right?

Lucy is a film about a women who gets involved in a drug deal gone wrong by accident. This much is clear from the trailer. Something gets inserted into her which gives her the ability to use 100% of her brain capacity, as opposed to the “normal”10% we as humans use. This is also clear from the trailer. She then goes on to kick the bad guys’ asses. This is also clear from the trailer.

What the trailer does not inform us of, however, is the amount of suspension of disbelief and confusion this movie comes with. See, the synopsis the trailer gives (and IMDb for that matter) is really way too simple for what this film actually is.

lucy 3

So what is this film about? I can’t tell you. As far as I could tell, it is about a woman who gains access to all of her brain power, somehow manages to almost immediately deal with that and use it, almost gets destroyed by what gave her the ability in the first place in some kind of freaky Mile High club session gone wrong, and then travels back in time to the dinosaurs and beyond to become a USB drive.

Did I mention the amount of suspension of disbelief necessary to really enjoy this film?

lucy 2

Now, usually I am all for science fiction and just going with the flow of “that’s not quite possible, but it’s space and aliens so what the hell”. This film, however, is more of a magic realism type film than a science fiction type film, but does it without any kind of explanation. This leaves a lot of plot holes and important questions that distract from the story. Like how did she not die from the drug leaking into her body? How did she manage to use her new brain power so quickly? Why did emotions stop affecting her? Why did she stop feeling pain? How did the other mules get from their respective airports to Paris so soon? How does the professor’s lecture actually coincide with Lucy’s development? And if it didn’t, then why not?

There are too many questions and too few (or too difficult) answers. This constantly pulled me out of the story and into my own head, which didn’t benefit the following of said story.

lucy 5

I am also really sorry to say this was not Scarlett Johansson’s finest acting work. I get why she took the role; if executed right, it could have been a very awesome, cool, and strong part with a lot of meat on the bones. It didn’t come to life though, none of it. What comes to mind most is the scene early on where she confront mister Jang as he’s getting tattooed. The entire monologue felt stilted, rehearsed, and awkward. Same goes for most of the interactions with the police captain Del Rio in Paris. I get that Lucy is supposed to me emotionless, but she shouldn’t be disinterested and bored. It needed more thought, more depth.

lucy 4

It is always nice to see Morgan Freeman in a film, not in the least because of his phenomenally wonderful voice. He is grossly underused in this though, and the scenes he does have are supposed to set up the story or explain it, but they do neither. If he was confused by everything that went on, you can imagine what me and the rest of the audience was feeling like.

And that’s just it, isn’t it? The trailer is supposed to get people into the cinema seats. But when the people show up and get something entirely different than what they were expecting, is that a win for the film company?

I want to end with a few positive things, because it isn’t an awful film, honest. The cinematography is gorgeous and at times even funny. The Taiwanese mafia boss and henchmen were too over the top, but at least they felt like real characters. And the premise is fantastically provocative; what if we could use more than the 10% of our brain? What would the world look like then? Let’s just focus on that, okay? We’ll just pretend the film is just one of the many strange possibilities in answer to that question.

And let’s get Scarlett Johansson back as Black Widow a.s.a.p. please.

Rating: 4/10


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