Personal: The Big Move


I know it’s been awfully quiet here the past few weeks, but I have actually been really busy. Just not with a lot of movie, TV, or theater watching. I’ve been busy setting up my new life in London, UK!

I currently live in a city near Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but from July 27 onwards I will be calling London my home. I absolutely love the city, gave my heart to it many years ago, and it is a dream come true to finally make the move and make a life there. I found a lovely apartment with very nice flatmates, and a good job in Windsor.


Yes, I will be able to wave to the Queen every day, my office is a few doors down the road. The guards pass by our windows every day for the Changing of the Guards.

But not to fear, this won’t suddenly become a personal blog. I will still be watching a lot of movies and TV series and going to theater (even more now that I am in one of the theater capitals in the world!), but it might be a while before I find the time to finish the mountain of posts in my drafts folder. Not to mention the new things I am going to see… I’m not stressed, what do you mean?!

For now I say so long, and I hope to see you soon!


2 thoughts on “Personal: The Big Move

  1. Loads of fun and good times in London Sas! Will be looking forward to the Globe’s reviews and of course your movie digests. Just finished installing apple tv and you sure help me fill the wishlist of must sees. Keep in touch, cheers, Kim

    • Thanks so much, Kim! The tickets for my very first play in the Globe have already been booked, so expect the review soooon! *excited* I will definitely keep in touch, I miss you already! ((hugs)) xxx

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